Improving Banking Services

Review your banking arrangements to identify cost savings; highlight opportunities to improve risk   management & efficiency.

Make recommendations covering areas such as:

  • Electronic banking
  • Making payments
  • Managing bank accounts
  • Funding arrangements
  • Bank relationship


  • Undertake a fact find: gather information from your staff; outline your current operating systems and review bank documentation.
  • Produce a report of your current arrangements, covering: Loans & overdrafts (including professional Practice Loans); Bank Accounts; Electronic Banking; Level of day to day service including from your Relationship Manager; Any other product or service.
  • Identify opportunities to streamline your processes
  • Suggest ways to improve the way you use your bank services including how to enhance your relationship with your bank. You never know when you might need them!
  • Recommend better funding arrangements

If you have decided to FIND A NEW BANK: Watch this video

I can save you time and get a better result by ensuring the banks will know exactly what you want.  So you can avoid misunderstandings and decisions can be made more swiftly.

I will:

  • Prepare a tender document covering all areas to meet your full banking service requirements
  • Find suitable banks
  • Run the tender process

If you have agreed terms with a new Bank & need help to MOVE YOUR BANKING

I can ensure a smooth transition and enable your staff to get on with their normal duties.

Project Management will include:

  • Correct completion of all documentation
  • Liaison with Bank staff at both banks
  • Ensure all services in place for switch over
  • Be on hand to deal with any issues immediately post switch
  • Ensure arrangements are properly bedded in.