Identifying Financial Risk

Review your firm’s financial management and performance to clearly demonstrate compliance with OFR. Ensure all key financial risks are recorded and managed appropriately; identify areas requiring improvement and highlight opportunities to improve financial performance.

Make recommendations covering areas such as:

  • Financial performance compared to market norms
  • Operation of bank accounts and payment systems
  • Lock-up and financial cost of levels of debtors; disbursements and Work In Progress


  • Fact find; speaking with your staff, review systems and documentation.
  • Produce a report covering:
    • Relevance and quality of financial reporting
    • Financial performance
    • Financial management including client monies
    • Working capital management
    • Other risk areas which impact financial stability such as:
      • Indemnity claims; Cyber Security;Anti-Money Laundering compliance
    • Highlight opportunities to improve your systems and processes
    • Identify issues which require other expertise & recommend sector specialists
    • Propose actions to improve cash & profit