Raising New Finance

Use my experience and expertise to get a quicker answer; better terms; enhanced banking relationship.

Approach can be tailor-made to fit your requirements.

If you have recently reviewed your business plans and identified a need for more funding but have yet to fully define your requirement.

I will:

  • Review financial information including Audited Accounts; Management Information; forecasts and key performance indicators
  • Work with your in-house or external finance team on any additional financial information required
  • Discuss and agree the detailed funding requirements with your senior team
  • Write a funding proposal which will include identification of financial & non-financial risk areas and explanation of how your firm mitigates these risks
  • The proposal will be structured to reflect the Bank assessment criteria for the sector
  • Attend a meeting between you & your Bank

If you have already approached your bank with a specific proposal but are struggling to make progress or have received negative feedback.

I will:

  • Review the information you provided to the bank & their response
  • Discuss my finding with you and your senior team and agree next steps
  • Write a revised funding proposal
  • Seek alternative funders if required
  • Liaise with funders as instructed